Asbury Park NJ Tree Service

Asbury Park Tree Service

Tree pruning plays a huge role in the health of our environment. They provide oxygen and add beauty to homes and businesses. They can also be a source of shade and help lower summertime temperatures.

However, they need to be maintained and cared for properly to keep them healthy. Improper pruning can lead to decay, out of control growth and may cause safety hazards. Hiring a professional tree service is recommended to ensure the safety of your family, property and other people that use your outdoor areas.

Local tree services offer a range of services. They include tree trimming, stump grinding, backhoe work and land clearing. They can also assist with planting new trees and shrubs. Some companies even offer emergency tree removal in Asbury Park, NJ to remove fallen trees and debris.

DIY vs. Professional Tree Care: When to Trust Asbury Park Experts

Some tree companies offer free or discounted services after storms or natural disasters. It is also common for them to waive their fee if a customer has a large number of trees that need to be removed.

The Asbury Park Environmental Shade Tree Commission received the Joyce Kilmer Award, a national award that recognizes city, county and military-base organizations for their outstanding commitment to managing community trees. This is the third year that Asbury Park has been awarded this prestigious honor. This year’s award was presented in recognition of the city’s participation in Cool Cities, a statewide urban forest energy-efficiency program. Cool Cities provides shade to reduce the urban heat island effect and helps reduce electricity bills.