Australia’s Newest Four Wheeled Travel Trailer

terrain tamer

The rugged, no nonsense terrain tamer is back with a vengeance this time around, taking the challenge out of off-roading in a whole new way. After dedicating countless hours to designing and building the new Abode Wildfire, Steve altered his priorities and decided to put his new creation on the road. So far, the response has been overwhelming, and now the new Abode Wildfire is being used all over the country as one of the best mobile dirt bikes in the UK. With stunning off road designs, the company has attracted the interest of professionals such as paint masters and mountain bikers from around the world, who have given the new model the approval it deserves. If you want a new project that will blow your mind, check out what the folks at Terrain have to offer!


The Terrain Tamer 360 Tractor is a hard-working, all terrain vehicle that will keep you on the go. It’s been built for utility, with a drivetrain that can take on anything the terrain throws at it, thanks to the rugged framework and suspension systems it sits upon. This is the first all terrain tamer Australia has made, and it comes in a range of colours to suit your exact colouring preferences. You also get many other neat features like mud flaps, undercarriage shock absorption, front and rear shocks, brake calipers, 5th wheel rims and full body kits. The standard version is priced at only 140 Australian dollars, but there are some ‘limited edition’ models that cost up to two thousand Australian dollars, depending on the extras included in the package.


The company is based in New South Wales, Australia, and is led by dedicated designers. They have carefully researched the many elements that make up Australia’s great outdoors and have created a line of four-wheel vehicles that will safely and comfortably carry you and your load over any terrain. This is only the beginning for The Terrain Tamer brand, and they have big plans for the future, including a slew of exciting new products that will allow four-wheeled travelers to enjoy the open road in a more safe and comfortable fashion. They also encourage consumers to let their imagination go wild and contribute to their own creation of the most beautiful yet dangerous landscape ever known.