Benefits of Choosing a Violin School Singapore

violin school Singapore

Choosing the right violin school Singapore is important for a number of reasons. One of the most important factors is to decide what level of expertise a student should aim for. If a student has already completed an instrument class, the next step is to select a studio that offers lessons at an affordable price. Many studios offer trial lessons, so students can try them out before making a commitment. While the ability of the violin teacher is important, other factors may also affect the progress of a student.

These Tips May Be Helpful To You

A good violin school in Singapore should be affiliated with a reputable university, as the certificates obtained will be valid in other learning processes. A certificate from a violin school in Singapore will also be a plus if the student aspires to pursue a career in the music industry. Here, the benefits of learning a violin include the opportunity to perform live concerts and learn from renowned violin players. The following article discusses some of the benefits of choosing a Singapore violin school.

As a member of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Tevy Lim has a deep appreciation for western classical music and took master classes from Jonathan Rees. Another violinist at the school is Clement Lim, who has been teaching full-time since 1995. Clement started playing the violin at an early age and has been teaching since 1995. Pavel Prantl, who served as SSO concertmaster, and the late Kong Zhao Hui also studied at the violin school.