Best CBD Lotions For Pain


When it comes to easing sore muscles, CBD creams can be very effective. This is because they can penetrate the skin, interact with endocannabinoid receptors on your body’s surface, and relax your muscles. They’re also easy to use, and often come with an array of pain-killing ingredients and skin moisturizers. Depending on the product, they can contain broad spectrum or full-spectrum CBD extract and come in an array of potencies. Some contain added ingredients like camphor and menthol to deliver even more relief, while others offer cooling and invigorating sensations.

What does a CBD topical do?

The best cbd lotions for pain will be non-greasy and absorb easily into the skin. Some will also have a nice scent that’s pleasing to the senses. Some have added ingredients to help soothe the skin, and a few have been specifically formulated for certain conditions, like eczema.

The best cbd creams for pain should have a clear COA (Certificate of Analysis) or lab results, and they should be cruelty-free and made as transparently as possible. Some have detailed ingredient lists, and some come in handy tins or tubes for easy application. You’ll also want to find a brand that offers good pricing and an easy returns policy. One great option is Physician’s Grade, which makes a cream called Recovery that combines 200 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with a variety of skin-soothing ingredients and a wide array of beneficial oils. They’re also PETA and FDA-compliant. Other excellent options include White Fox Nectars, which offers a unique Repair Remedy that includes jojoba and lanolin for deep hydration.