Build Your Own Defender With the Defender Configurator

defender configurator

Defender Configurator

The Land Rover defender configurator  is set to take the expedition market by storm, but for many people, choosing which model and spec will suit them best can be a daunting task. Thankfully, the company has made things easier by creating a new configurator allowing you to ‘build your Defender’.

You can use this tool to build the vehicle of your dreams from a number of different tiers – exterior, interior, options and accessories. It’s a lot of fun, but it will also leave you with your head spinning for hours on end.

Defender Configurator: How to Design and Customize Your Ideal Off-Road Machine

The Defender X is the most luxurious version of this rugged vehicle, boasting plenty of extra luxury features such as Ebony Windsor leather and Steelcut premium textile seats as well as an impressive 11.4-inch infotainment touchscreen. It is also fitted with the Family Pack Plus, featuring manual heated third row seats, three-zone Climate Control, Air Quality Sensor and Cabin Air Ionisation ensuring all passengers are comfortable when travelling.

X is the first Land Rover model to feature the D7X aluminium monocoque which is three times stiffer than the chassis of the old Defender. Its toughness and structural rigidity is a big help to the Defender’s off-road capabilities.

We recently headed down to Eastnor Castle – the birthplace of Land Rover off-road development – to put the Defender through its paces and give it a proper work out. After a full day of running through deep, muddy tracks, steep, slippery inclines and the stickiest of mud, we emerged feeling like the new Defender is more capable than ever. It was quick to pick its way through the rough stuff, a joy to drive and nimble enough to wriggle around tree stumps, boulders and earth banks with impish ease.