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So, here’s a Bushfire Consultant you can believe in. Matthew is a bushfire consultant and bushfire safety consultant at Bushfire Planning Services in Huntersville, New South Wales. Bushfire Planning Services has been a trusted and reliable bushfire consulting company specialising in bushfire risk assessments and compliance requirements, primarily within NSW. We’ve worked with many of the larger bushfire planning and bushfire safety companies in the past and have enjoyed working with both of them. We’re also proud members of the Bushfires Trust which is an international not for profit organisation that focuses on the prevention, management and control of Australia’s forests and vegetation. Click Here – read the article

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What does Matt do? Matt has the benefit of several years experience as a bushfire consultant and bushfire safety consultant. He has taken this knowledge and built it into a solid business plan that ensures his clients always have a compliant and safe environment to work in while also having the flexibility to change work plans when necessary. In addition he has a strong commitment to the environment through his participation in the “Green Belt” program, which seeks to mitigate carbon emissions from sources such as power generation and cement production by conserving existing trees. He believes strongly in community engagement and has a strong commitment to the management of vulnerable bushfire prone areas throughout the state. All of these beliefs are born from his years experience as a bushfire consultant and his commitment to ensuring all partners involved – clients, colleagues and employees alike – have the best possible safety, health and environmental management information and planning to help them understand and plan for bushfire risk.

We believe we can provide you with a bushfire consultant/bushfire safety consultant to fit your needs perfectly, using a combination of our bushfire consulting, training and bushfire management skills combined with a tailored bespoke service to ensure that everyone you deal with is fully aware of the responsibility each has to their own health, safety and environment. Our consultants will go through their processes with you, explain the risks, give you the advice you need and implement a plan that is focused on you and your staff, delivering a high quality service at an affordable price. You can leave confident that you have found a bushfire consultant who will work alongside you to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your investment in bushfire overlays and have the peace of mind that your workplace and surrounding area are free of the threat of bushfire.