Can Youth and Young Adults Vape Marijuana?

Inhaling VaporizerBud cannabis extracts, oils and resins has become an increasingly popular way for adolescents to consume weed. These products are often highly potent and contain three to five times more THC than the plant itself.

Is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes?

The popularity of vaping is likely related to a number of factors, including a low perceived risk and the convenience of vaporizing weed, compared with smoking. Additionally, the devices are more convenient to use in public and can be purchased at a cheaper price.

Some studies have found that knowledge about the device itself can lead to increased use, although a lack of premeditation and impulsivity facets may also play a role (25). In addition, youth and young adults are most likely to start using cannabis vaping in environments with strong peer injunctive norms and positive expectancies of marijuana use.

These findings suggest that marketing and other promotional messaging is contributing to the increase in cannabis vaping among youth and young adults. However, further research is needed to determine whether a shift in policy and public health messaging can be used to promote safe and responsible use of these products.

To minimize the risks of using a vaporizer, choose a brand and product that is made from a licensed source and that contains no cutting agents or terpenes. If possible, opt for raw cartridges or e-liquid that does not contain any additives and is laboratory tested to ensure purity.