Dandenong Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an integral component of all-encompassing medical care, offering a vast spectrum of services that span from hamstring injury to preventative care. Its diverse approach to health provides Dandenong residents with the individualized care they need to address their unique wellness challenges.

The Importance of Movement in Everyday Life

Physiotherapists are highly skilled healthcare professionals who assess, diagnose and treat health conditions and movement disorders. They use advanced techniques and evidence-based care to treat pain, reduce stiffness and improve mobility and quality of life. They are often referred patients by GPs and work closely with them to plan and manage treatment.

Research reveals many benefits of stretching. It increases flexibility and range of motion, strengthens muscles, enhances balance, decreases inflammation and improves overall wellbeing. It is a great way to relieve back, shoulder and knee pain and prevents future injuries.

At Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy we encourage our patients to perform stretches as part of their daily routine. Our therapists can help you choose the best stretch for your needs. Physiotherapists also play a vital role in the treatment of injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents. We offer no out of pocket expenses after your GP refers you to us for physiotherapy as part of your compensation claim.

Located in the bustling city of Dandenong, Innovation Health is equipped to handle a wide range of physical health issues. From sports injuries to neck and shoulder problems, we provide comprehensive care for a variety of conditions. Moreover, we prioritize patient well-being by integrating education into our treatment strategies. Our goal is to empower patients and help them take an active role in their health management by providing them with tools to regain control of their health.