Functional Medicine – A Systems Biology Approach

Functional Medicine – A Systems Biology Approach

Often thought of as a branch of alternative medicine, Functional Medicine is a science-based practice that considers the whole person and takes into account their genes and environment in determining what may be contributing to disease. Treatments mainly focus on nutrition and lifestyle changes, with an emphasis on prevention through sleep and relaxation,

The Benefits of Functional Medicine: How It Differs from Traditional Medicine and Can Help You

Most people who see a functional medicine doctor are seeking help for chronic disease, which means they have a long history of symptom management that hasn’t been effective. They are tired of going to the doctor for an annual checkup and getting a prescription of pills that have no exercise, diet and supplements. lasting effect.

Like traditional medicine, functional medicine looks at a patient’s health from a broad perspective. However, it focuses on treating what causes a problem to start with, instead of just suppressing symptoms. Using a system of testing to gain insights into an individual’s health background, functional medicine specialists can pinpoint the root cause of illness and develop a personalized plan to address it.

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