Helical Pier Installers

helical pier installers

If you’re having helical piers installed to help with foundation repair, you’ll want a professional contractor with plenty of experience. This is a complex project and it’s not something you want to attempt on your own.

Helical piles near me  are steel square or circular pipes used to support and stabilize foundations. They are hydraulically driven to competent load-bearing soil and then anchored to the foundation’s prepped footing via a remedial bracket to lift, strengthen and stabilize the structure.

Since helical piers screw into the ground, they cause very little disturbance to your property. This also means that they can be installed in tight spaces without much equipment. This versatility makes them an ideal solution for a variety of situations and structures.

How to Prepare for Helical Pier Installation: What Homeowners Should Expect

Whether you need helical piers for new construction or to fix an existing foundation, the design process is crucial for success. You should delegate the design to a qualified engineer who specializes in these types of items. This will ensure that your foundation’s axial and lateral loads are properly specified and that the proper helical pile bar size is used.

ECP’s helical piers come in several different shapes, lengths, diameters and capacities. Our most popular is the 150, which has a 1 1/2 inch bar with a torque rating of 7,000 ft. lbs and an ultimate capacity of 100,000 ft. lbs. Depending on your soil conditions, you may need a larger or smaller pier. This is why ECP offers both round and square helical bars with a variety of lengths, diameters and thicknesses.