Highlights From the Calgary Realtor’s July Report

The Calgary Realtor has had it again. This time the latest Calgary Realtor report says that Calgary Realtors has experienced a slump in home sales over the past year, with almost double the number of new listings on the market. While many experts attribute this to a local Real Estate in Calgary board that has been slow to approve new listings and slow to release new home listings, the Calgary Realtor association is blaming the lack of interest from potential clients as a result of a poorly advertised campaign.

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So what should you do if you want to sell your Calgary home? Well, the first thing that you should do is call your Calgary Realtor and find out how they are doing. Did they get local customers, or did they only get people from the real estate agent offices? By calling your Calgary realtor you can get the answer to the question above and you will also be able to tell if they really improved their marketing efforts. Remember the real estate market is competitive and when you have a highly recommended realtor you have more peace of mind when you make an offer on a house because your realtor will know that they got the business from a highly recommendable source. So it is important that you are speaking to your Calgary realtor now and not waiting until you have to move.

I hope that this article helps you understand some of the highlights from the latest report that the Calgary Realtor put out. You should be aware that the highlights document doesn’t contain everything that the Calgary Realtor wants you to know about. You can go to the link below for the full story.