How to Avoid Picking Poisonous Toronto Mushrooms

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A wholesome and romantic idea, mushroom foraging is something loads of people do: Put on your favourite cable knit sweater, grab a basket and traipse around a forest floor looking for chanterelles and puffballs (while simultaneously trying not to get poisoned). But for the less-than-savvy picker, the plethora of edible mushrooms found in Ontario can be confusing. And to make matters worse, many poisonous varieties have evolved to look very similar to their edible cousins. To prevent you from inadvertently picking a deadly specimen, here are a few tips to help you become a more confident and safe toronto mushrooms hunter. URL

As the psychedelic experience gains more mainstream popularity, magic mushroom shops with names like Fun Guyz and Shroomyz are popping up across Canada. These stores sell products infused with psilocybin—the hallucinogenic substance contained within magic mushrooms—and remain open even though they are technically illegal.

Magic Mushrooms in Toronto: Navigating the Legal Landscape and Psychedelic Culture

Despite this, they continue to thrive as the public becomes more familiar with mushrooms and their effects, which range from helping those suffering from depression or PTSD to micro-dosing to reduce anxiety. However, some experts worry that these shops are putting the public at risk of overdosing.

But Kagan and the rest of the owners at the Osborne Village store see the mushroom industry as a form of medical protest. He says they’re hoping that government, law enforcement and regulators will eventually see it as a way to help people deal with mental health issues and other problems, rather than just as a profit-driven business.