How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in the UK


The best cryptocurrency exchange UK has some of the highest levels of crypto ownership and a hefty number of exchanges to choose from. However, not all exchanges are created equal. Some offer more services and features than others, while some have different payment methods or deposits. For instance, eToro allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with their own money while Coinbase only lets you deposit funds into your account. The best UK crypto exchanges will also have good customer support during standard business hours.

The number of supported crypto assets is another important factor to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. For example, eToro has more than 27 million global clients who can buy and trade 70 different digital currencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple but also smaller coins such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, Solana and Decentraland. In addition to the number of available cryptos, it’s worth considering the fees and commissions charged by each exchange.

Cryptocurrency Craze: Finding the Best Exchange in the UK

The fees that are charged for depositing and trading on a crypto exchange can vary significantly. For instance, eToro charges 0.5% when you deposit funds instantly with your debit card but Coinbase can charge as high as 3.99%. In addition, you should look at whether or not a platform is regulated by the FCA and complies with anti-money laundering laws. If it does, this is a good sign that the exchange you’re considering is reliable and can be trusted. This is especially important for novice traders who may not be aware of the nuances of cryptocurrency trading and could be vulnerable to scams or fraudulent activity.