How to Find a Temporary Agency in Marseille

Agence d’interim marseille  the “Phocaean city” for its ancient history, is one of France’s most popular cities and has a reputation for warmth and dynamism. It is also a safe and family-friendly place with an affordable cost of living compared to other French cities such as Paris. The city’s economy is thriving and is supported by its services sector which includes tourism and culture, as well as its port. The city is open to job seekers and has a number of companies that are willing to recruit expats including McDonald’s, SNCF, La Poste, EDF, Apave, Ricard, O2 and Cityvox.

Finding Work, Marseille Style: The Inside Scoop on Temporary Agencies

In addition to these companies, a number of temporary work agencies are available in the city. These businesses specialize in supplying employees on a temporary basis to client companies that may need additional staff for specific projects. This practice is known as travail interimaire or temping. These agencies typically conduct interviews to shortlist candidates, perform a basic skill confirmation check and perform drug tests before assigning them to a client company.

Some of these temp agencies have a special focus on hiring seniors. This is because they believe that senior workers bring a lot to the table, particularly their experience and their wisdom. One such agency is Victory Interim, which has more than 20% seniors in its files. Other temp agencies like Manpower and Kelly have a global presence and are widely known for their recruitment services. They are considered to be reliable and trustworthy, helping businesses to connect with the best talent in their industries.