How to Prepare for an Immigration Law Consultation

During your immigration law consultation, a licensed immigration attorney whose practice is exclusively focused on immigration law will inquire about your background and a particular set of facts and needs. Then, he or she will analyze your situation by applying current U.S. immigration law against your set of facts and will present you with a plan to fulfill your expectations, including a breakdown of expected fees.

The best way to prepare for your consultation is to write down questions ahead of time — you’ll need to explain your circumstance to the attorney, so it helps to have your questions prepared beforehand. Also, make sure to bring copies of your passport and any other documents you have that are related to your case.

Diving into Immigration Law: The Benefits of a Consultation

You should know that the communications you have with a lawyer during your consultation are confidential. The attorney will not disclose information about your circumstances or your consultation to anyone outside of the firm unless you give him or her permission to do so, or if it is required by law or court order.

Unfortunately, scam artists in the industry exploit the misunderstandings and fears that people have about their immigration status by misrepresenting themselves as attorneys or other licensed professionals. The results of these scams have cost untold numbers of non-citizens money, proper legal representation, and access to the legal system. They have also caused irreparable damage to viable immigration cases, and separated families. You can avoid these scams by always seeking the advice of a licensed professional, and paying for a paid immigration law consultation.