Lift Companies

A lift company can bring a valuable technical perspective to any building, helping to choose the right elevator system for the structure’s needs. They can also offer expert maintenance and a range of services to keep the lift running at its peak performance, saving energy and reducing downtime. Some companies provide training to help the building’s own maintenance staff understand and manage the elevator.Go here :

Some of the world’s most well-known lift companies include Otis, Thyssenkrupp and Schindler. These brands have a global presence and provide high-quality equipment that is reliable, safe and innovative. Their elevators can be tailored to meet specific requirements, and their escalators and moving walkways offer efficient and convenient vertical transportation for buildings of any size.

Exploring Top Lift Companies: A Comparative Review

Founded in 1853, Otis is one of the most recognized lift companies in the world and is dedicated to safety. They have a global network and offer maintenance and support services to ensure their elevators continue to perform at the highest level.

Thyssenkrupp is a German-based lift company that specializes in customised solutions for buildings and customers. It has been in operation for over a century and continues to innovate and create the best products in the industry.

Originally known as Dover Elevator Works, this brand was acquired by the Thyssen group and became Dover KONE for a short time before merging with Kone in 1994. It now produces a wide variety of elevators, including marine elevators for cruise ships and is under the umbrella name of KONE.