Property For Sale in Malta

Property for sale in Malta is one of the most popular investments among foreigners who want to live abroad. The country is a cultural and economic hub that attracts many expats who enjoy its friendly atmosphere.

How much tax do you pay when buying a property in Malta?

If you’re looking for real estate for sale in Malta to invest in, you can choose from an array of different types of houses and apartments. Some of them are modern, while others feature historical appeal.

Buying real estate in Malta is not a difficult task as long as you understand the laws of the country. A non-EU citizen must obtain an Immovable Property Permit, or AIP, to purchase a house in Malta, which is a 35-day process.

In order to qualify for this permit, you must have a substantial investment in the Malta real estate market. This must be worth at least EUR275,000, or EUR220,000 if the property is located in Gozo or the south of Malta.

Under this scheme, you and your immediate family members can become Malta citizens within 5 years after making the investment. The process involves undergoing a due diligence check at the Residency Malta Agency, submitting documents that meet the program’s requirements, and proving that you will rent or sell the property as required by the government.

Another common option is to buy a property in a resort complex. These properties have high demand and are very popular with foreigners because they offer a lot of amenities. They also generate a higher return on investment, as the initial purchase price is recovered after five years of renting or selling.