The Temporary Workers Agency in France

In France, the temporary worker’s agence intérim btp has been allowed to operate for over a decade, but the legal framework remains confusing. The new TAW is aimed at making the process easier for employers while also reducing risks for the workers. The new TAW requires all companies to make sure they have a representative on French soil. This representative can be a client or a posted employee and must be accessible to the client or the agency.

The Philosophy Of The Temporary Workers Agency In France

There are two sources of data about the temporary workers agency industry in France. The DARES UNEDIC source uses UNEDIC files that record monthly declarations from temporary work agencies. The INSEE Enquete sur l’emploi is a collection of individual data, including income and expenses. Neither source of information provides detailed information about agency workers. But it still provides important statistics. These statistics can help you make informed choices about hiring and managing employees.

In France, a TW agency that operates outside of France may temporarily assign employees to user enterprises. However, in order to do so, it must follow the rules and regulations of temporary agency work. These include equality of treatment between permanent and agency workers. Equal pay is the general principle, covering all aspects of employment, including benefits. The TAW must also pay a reasonable end-of-assignment compensation, which is meant to compensate for the instability of the workers.