Timber Floors in Sydney

A large part of Timber floors Sydney is made from reclaimed timber which is salvaged from the local Yarra Valley, making it an environmentally sound choice, as well as helping the local economy. Timber flooring in Sydney is made by local manufacturers who undertake a number of steps to ensure the timber floor is sustainable both locally and nationally. They use only renewable wood supplies, with some tree cutting already completed creating the timbers which will be used in the timber flooring. Timber flooring products are constructed by a team of craftsmen and technicians, employing modern techniques including laser etching to leave a high-end finish, using durable high-density polyvinyl chloride (DHP) timber which has a natural resistance to moisture, stain, and rot.

Sydney Timber Flooring

Timber floors have long been a choice in decor for homes all around the country. In the summer months in particular, when the heat can be unbearable, the soft, silky feel of the floor can provide a welcome respite from the scorching Australian weather. Timber is not only practical, but it has the aesthetic beauty of the grain, sawdust, and dust which all combine to give this flooring the appearance of wooden planks rather than wood. This combined beauty and practicality make it a perfect choice for homes, offices, and public areas such as parks, schools, and civic buildings, whilst also being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

timber floors sydney

Timber flooring can add a distinctive character to any home, workplace or commercial space. With a wide range of colour options, it can even be used as a form of art in its presentation. The variety of colours available means that different rooms in the house can have the same timber floor, giving each space a similar look and feel. Timber floors in the home can enhance the look of the living room or dining area, or add a stylish modern feature to a bathroom. Whatever its style, timber floors in Sydney are an excellent investment for your home, which comes with a number of environmental benefits.