What is a Temporary Worker?

A Temporary Worker, or Interimaire in euworkers.fr, is an employee hired for short-term employment assignments such as to cover staff absences, support busy periods, or help on specific projects. They are primarily used by companies in sectors like hospitality, retail and administration. The main duties of this type of work are customer service, administrative tasks, and event support.

While some choose to work on short contracts for specific reasons, the majority of employees with temporary jobs in france endure them and face precarious working conditions. The health crisis, high levels of unemployment, and low wages have also had a negative impact on this group of workers.

Non-EU/EEA nationals, including those from the UK, will need a visa to work in France and will typically apply for it through their employer. This process can be lengthy, particularly when a visa is being extended or renewed.

The Future of Temporary Work: Predictions and Trends in France

A CDI, a contrat d’emploi indéterminée, is the standard private work contract in France and legally employers must offer one unless they have a valid reason not to. This type of contract offers job security and is legally binding on both the employer and the worker. In order to dismiss a CDI contract worker, the employer must have valid grounds such as a serious fault or financial problems. The employee is entitled to end of contract compensation. There is also a version of this contract that allows students to continue to work whilst studying and a recent version for older workers, called the CDI inclusion, to allow them to stay in the workforce.