Whippets – A Dangerous Inhalant


Whippets, also known as whip its or nitro, have been in the NitrousWhip since actress Demi Moore was hospitalized after a suspected nitrous oxide overdose. But despite the high profile attention, nitrous oxide is a dangerous drug that can be abused by anyone who doesn’t understand how serious it is. Often, young people abuse this inhalant because it’s more accessible than other drugs and cheaper. Inhalant addiction can lead to severe, lasting brain damage and may even be life-threatening.

Unlike marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine which are smoked, or prescription drugs, which are snorted, whip-its are abused by inhaling the gas directly into their lungs. This method of abuse allows the user to achieve a euphoric state in seconds and lasts only minutes. The euphoric feeling encourages users to inhale again and again, but continuous inhalation can deprive the brain of oxygen, which leads to a coma or death.

Mastering the Art of NitrousWhip: Tips, Techniques, and Safety Precautions

Nitrous oxide is typically stored in a whipped cream charger canister or medical gas tank, but people who abuse whip-its transfer the nitrous to a balloon and inhale it. This can be dangerous, as the nitrous oxide is toxic if inhaled in small, enclosed spaces like cars or rooms. It can cause seizures, heart and lung problems, loss of consciousness and even death. You can recognize signs of nitrous oxide abuse by watching out for cracked whipped cream cans, or seeing large numbers of balloons around the house. You should also watch for any unusual behavior, such as slurred speech, a slow heart rate or uncoordinated movements. A qualified substance abuse treatment center can help you or a loved one break the whip-it habit.