Why You Need a Pool Inspection Melbourne

Obtaining a pool inspection melbourne is the best way to ensure that your swimming pool meets the required standards. Our professional inspections are conducted by qualified building inspectors in your local area, to help keep your home and family safe and prevent accidents.

How much is a pool inspection Melbourne?

From 1 December 2019 new laws were introduced in Victoria to improve pool and spa safety, requiring pool and spa owners to register their pools and spas, inspect and certify barriers and maintain the effective operation of barriers. Sadly, it’s been reported that on average four children die in home swimming pools every year and many more are injured in near drowning incidents.

Registration of Pools and Spas

Owners of residential properties with a pool or spa must register their property with their local council within 30 days of the issue of the Certificate of Final Inspection, Occupancy Permit or when the spa or pool was built after November 2020. This requires the property owner to pay a one-off registration fee and fill out a registration form.

Barrier Inspections

The process of a Barrier Inspection is simple, an Inspector will attend the Owner’s home and use their Council ‘registration’ information to complete a formal barrier inspection. The Inspection will check the existing pool safety barriers against the relevant Australian Standards.

The inspection will highlight any issues relating to the pool safety barriers that require improvement. If the barrier does not meet the requirements of the standard, we will provide Owners with a detailed report and recommendations for the appropriate improvements to bring the barriers up to Australian Standard. This will then be completed and lodged with the Owner’s Council to complete their legal obligations.